Definition of pharmacophore in English:



  • A part of a molecular structure that is responsible for a particular biological or pharmacological interaction that it undergoes.

    ‘This pharmacophore identifies two important hydrogen-bonding interactions at opposite ends of the ligand.’
    • ‘The phenothiazine ring is a well-known pharmacophore, and chlorpromazine is a prototype of this class of antipsychotic drugs.’
    • ‘The similar mechanism of action of paclitaxel, the epothilones, discodermolide and eleutherobin has led to the suggestion that these structurally dissimilar substances possess common pharmacophores.’
    • ‘The particular parts of a drug that cause it to bind to its receptor are together termed the pharmacophore.’
    • ‘For beta 1 selectivity, a beta-adrenergic antagonist should contain a p-substituted aryloxypropanolamine pharmacophore.’



/ˈfärməkəˌfôr/ /ˈfɑrməkəˌfɔr/