Definition of pharmacotherapy in English:



  • Medical treatment by means of drugs.

    ‘We have moved from an era of inappropriate prostatectomy for nocturia and other irritative symptoms by urologists to one of inappropriate pharmacotherapy by general practitioners, at massive cost.’
    • ‘If weight loss does not occur within the first four weeks of pharmacotherapy, the medication or its dosage should be reevaluated.’
    • ‘If symptoms are severe enough to prevent effective trauma-focused therapy, pharmacotherapy is warranted as a next step.’
    • ‘Although people commonly think of a placebo as a component of pharmacotherapy, the placebo effect may also exert powerful effects on surgical outcomes.’
    • ‘Stein and colleagues searched for published and unpublished trials of pharmacotherapy for treatment of social phobia.’



/ˌfärməkōˈTHerəpē/ /ˌfɑrməkoʊˈθɛrəpi/