Definition of pharmacovigilance in English:



  • The practice of monitoring the effects of medical drugs after they have been licensed for use, especially in order to identify and evaluate previously unreported adverse reactions.

    ‘the partnership hopes to develop diagnostic tools to improve pharmacovigilance’
    • ‘Neither the directive on good clinical practice nor the guidance on pharmacovigilance has yet been agreed within the European Union.’
    • ‘We have repeatedly shown that prescription event monitoring provides a valuable addition to pharmacovigilance of prescription products in England.’
    • ‘All medicines (prescription, pharmacy, and general sales) are subject to exactly the same requirements in terms of pharmacovigilance.’
    • ‘The standing committees will deal with biologicals and vaccines, pharmacovigilance, and pharmacy and standards.’
    • ‘Unbiased clinical trials, objective drug data, and perfect pharmacovigilance are desirable but probably illusory and certainly expensive.’
    • ‘Pharmacovigilance demands at least 19 essential pieces of information about the patient and the adverse reaction.’
    • ‘For good clinical practice and pharmacovigilance, the appropriate level of supervision would be expected to differ for a drug undergoing first use in humans and a long marketed drug now being tested.’
    • ‘"Only six of their 100 staff have responsibility for pharmacovigilance," she said.’
    • ‘He considers that current safeguards for trial organisation, including reviews of trial conduct, data quality, and pharmacovigilance by independent data monitoring committees, have been sufficient to ensure the validity of trial results.’
    • ‘The doctor who made the connection is the head of the Japan Institute for Pharmacovigilance and gave details of the incidents at a medical conference at the weekend.’



/ˌfärməkōˈvijələns/ /ˌfɑrməkoʊˈvɪdʒələns/


1970s from pharmaco- + vigilance.