Definition of pharming in English:



  • 1The process of genetically modifying plants and animals so that they produce substances which may be used as pharmaceuticals.

    ‘An outgrowth of genetic engineering, the technique has been branded "pharming."’
    • ‘Dubbed "pharming" by its opponents, this is the latest step in technology which allows medicines to be grown in plants.’
    • ‘The genetic engineering of livestock for human medical applications is known as pharming.’
    • ‘Then there's what's known as pharming - the relatively new practice of using genetically altered livestock to produce proteins used in pharmaceuticals.’
    • ‘For example, there has been talk about southern agriculture specializing in growing GM plants that are used by the pharmaceutical industry (so-called pharming).’
    • ‘Instead of using expensive pharmaceutical factories, advocates envisage fields of GM crops being harvested to reap new medicines cheaply, a process known as " pharming ".’
    • ‘Earlier this year the U.S. Department of Agriculture updated its guidelines for industrial pharming, but many scientists believe these are grossly inadequate.’
    • ‘Recent mergers, as well as research into "bio - pharming," have erased many boundaries between the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.’
    • ‘This is vital to prevent New Zealand being exploited as a 'wild west' playground for inappropriate and unethical developments like 'pharming'.’
    • ‘Rissler and Ellstrand argue that pharming should be strictly limited to nonfood crops - to, say, tobacco or castor beans.’
    • ‘"Pharming" is a new field of research involving herds and flocks of animals that are transformed into chemical factories to produce pharmaceutical products.’
    • ‘Jeremy Rifkin is a modern-day Bellerophon, fighting to stop pharming - and any other research involving chimeras, for that matter.’
  • 2The fraudulent practice of directing internet users to a bogus website that mimics the appearance of a legitimate one, in order to obtain personal information such as passwords, account numbers, etc.

    ‘The next wave of Internet-related scams, however, may move from phishing to pharming.’
    • ‘Another theoretical variation on pharming is based on Domain Name System poisoning.’
    • ‘To understand pharming, you need a little background on DNS.’
    • ‘Both experts agree that pharming is simply a new application of well-known security weaknesses.’
    • ‘Thieves use dumpster digging, phishing, and pharming to obtain your information.’
    • ‘A DNS cache poisoning attack over the weekend also highlights the potential use of DNS tricks in ' pharming ' (phishing using redirection rather than bait emails).’
    • ‘It also has to take account of social engineering such as phishing and pharming.’
    • ‘Dubbed "pharming" by MX Logic, the new attacks use malware or DNS cache poisoning to redirect users to fake sites in an attempt to steal personal data.’
    • ‘"Pharming is a next-generation phishing attack," Scott Chasin, CTO of MX Logic, told Government Computer News.’
    • ‘Pharming is another online scam, in which hackers download 'crimeware' to the users' computer.’
    • ‘Phishing and pharming (I hate cute names for criminality) are adding to the concern.’
    • ‘As users become harder to dupe with phishing schemes, we may see a shift from phishing to pharming.’
    • ‘Pharming attacks use DNS poisoning or domain hijacks to redirect users to dodgy urls.’
    • ‘So when I see the numbers of victims of online phishing, pharming, and 419 scams, I'm not surprised.’
    • ‘While phishing is one of the more recognisable online threats, perhaps a more serious risk is pharming, according to Henry.’
    • ‘The latest type of attack, sometimes referred to as pharming, redirects a victim trying to go to popular legitimate sites instead to a malicious website or a pay-per-click website.’
    • ‘The trick - dubbed pharming - is potentially more sinister than phishing because it avoids the need to coax users into responding to junk email alerts.’
    • ‘Now the latest cyberswindle, pharming, threatens to reel in entire schools of victims.’
    • ‘It offers complete protection against phishing, pharming, trojans, worms, spyware, adware, viruses and spam.’
    • ‘More fundamentally, the nascent threat of pharming re-emphasises the need to revamp DNS systems and domain registration that critics argue is long overdue.’



/ˈfärmiNG/ /ˈfɑrmɪŋ/


1990s pharming (sense 1) punningly after farming; pharming (sense 2) patterned on phishing.