Definition of phase-lock in English:


transitive verb

[with object]Electronics
  • Fix the frequency of (an oscillator or a laser) relative to a stable oscillator of lower frequency by a method that utilizes a correction signal derived from the phase difference generated by any shift in the frequency.

    ‘By integrating this source with a delay line and a broadband, grazing-incidence toroidal mirror, the researchers generated odd phase-locked harmonics of the laser frequency up to very high orders.’
    • ‘They carry a single video channel and two audio channels, with channel selection by an I2C phase-locked loop programmable synthesiser.’
    • ‘In this image, 114-s light pulses were used at a repetition frequency of 160 Hz. Pulses were phase-locked to the sinusoidal voltage command driving the loudspeaker that delivered the sound stimulation.’
    • ‘At higher frequencies, unit responses from the BCSS appear to remain phase-locked even though failing to respond to every cycle of oscillation.’
    • ‘The frequency synthesizer has a double phase-locked loop with a high-frequency portion and an intermediate-frequency portion, each with one divider and one counter in a feedback branch.’



/ˈfāzläk/ /ˈfeɪzlɑk/