Definition of phase modulation in English:

phase modulation


  • Variation of the phase of a radio or other wave as a means of carrying information such as an audio signal.

    ‘This rotation can cause amplitude and phase modulation of the GPS signal, reducing navigation performance and effectiveness of traditional anti-jam systems.’
    • ‘Changes in the wavelength for the maximum signal are used to directly determine the spectral phase modulation of the femtosecond pulse.’
    • ‘Phase Jitter is the unwanted phase modulation of a primary signal by one or more other signals through the transmission process.’
    • ‘The system carries out a new phase scan to determine the remaining spectral phase modulation (usually about 10% of the original).’
    • ‘The amplitude and phase modulation of the NMR-signal as a function of the displacement encoding steps can be Fourier transformed to obtain the propagator.’


phase modulation

/ˈfāz ˌmäjəˌlāSH(ə)n/ /ˈfeɪz ˌmɑdʒəˌleɪʃ(ə)n/