Definition of phase shift in English:

phase shift

Pronunciation /fāz SHift/ /feɪz ʃɪft/


  • A change in the phase of a waveform.

    ‘This is a quantum phenomenon in which the wavefunction of an electron acquires a phase shift as it follows a trajectory that encloses a magnetic flux (such as the path round the surface of a cylinder in a magnetic field).’
    • ‘If the mirror is continuously moving (implying a velocity), then the phase shift measured by the interferometer will also be changing continuously.’
    • ‘To calculate the effect of a lack of uniformity on a wavefront, we must both consider the movement of the reflecting surface from its ideal position and note any change in its phase shift on reflection.’
    • ‘Typically, designers introduce the phase shift via mechanically based piezoelectric mirrors, but the approach introduces hysteresis and driving force is limited.’
    • ‘Ossicular chain fixation causes a phase shift in the sound wave.’