Definition of phase space in English:

phase space


  • A multidimensional space in which each axis corresponds to one of the coordinates required to specify the state of a physical system, all the coordinates being thus represented so that a point in the space corresponds to a state of the system.

    ‘Probability can't be negative, but the photon's quantum phase space can contain negative valleys because Heisenberg's uncertainty principle won't allow you to squeeze the photon into such a narrow range.’
    • ‘The RHIC results for the total number of particles produced and their distribution in phase space are, thus far, in good agreement with the scenario of the initial, formative stages of the QGP.’
    • ‘In a molecular dynamics simulation study of thermodynamics, a representative sampling over the entire phase space is needed to obtain an accurate canonical distribution at a given temperature.’
    • ‘One possible shape a phase space might take can be pictured as a curve that represents an ‘inverse power law’.’
    • ‘Clearly, at higher temperature the increased thermal energy allows a more efficient sampling of the phase space, which leads to a lower probability of encountering similar structures along the atomic trajectories.’


phase space

/fāz spās/ /feɪz speɪs/