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  • An act of discontinuing a process, project, or service in phases.

    ‘The treaty still calls for a dioxin phaseout, for example, but only ‘wherever feasible ‘- a loophole corporate lawyers can exploit for years to come.’’
    • ‘In Britain, which began its phaseout of leaded gas relatively late in the 1980s, blood-lead levels have dropped by 66%.’
    • ‘As an inexpensive, low-tech aircraft in a high-tech Air Force, the A - 10 found itself at the end of the line for improvement programs and first in line for phaseout.’
    • ‘While they have adhered to the deadlines set for the phaseout, the actual products on which restrictions are being removed have been selected so that the most sensitive products have been backloaded.’
    • ‘This research is part of the ongoing ARS effort to provide farmers with alternatives to the soil fumigant methyl bromide, which is slated for phaseout by 2005.’
    • ‘But one such fumigant, methyl bromide, is scheduled for complete phaseout by 2005 because of environmental concerns.’
    • ‘In December 2003, seven months after embarking on its adventure in outsourcing, Everdream began a gradual phaseout of the operation.’
    • ‘Swiss representatives called for a tougher approach, with a phaseout of the primary production of mercury and an end to mercury surpluses re-entering the market.’
    • ‘DE is a possible alternative to methyl bromide, an ozone-depleting fumigant scheduled for phaseout by 2005.’
    • ‘Such plants may become an alternative to methyl bromide - the closely regulated pesticide scheduled for phaseout in 2005.’
    • ‘The films may be useful not only for capturing the alternative chemicals but also for minimizing methyl bromide emissions until the phaseout is complete.’
    • ‘In turn, the United States will apply the WTO Agreement on Textiles and Clothing to China with a phaseout of its quotas under that agreement.’
    • ‘In 2001, Congress enacted an eventual phaseout of the levy; in 2010, it will be repealed altogether.’
    • ‘If granted, the request would mark the first time since the protocol was signed that a country has reversed the phaseout and increased use of the pesticide.’
    • ‘Because of the way the estate tax phaseout was written, the tax will return in 2011 unless Congress acts to make the repeal permanent.’
    • ‘NWF is pressing for a phaseout of mercury emissions from all significant sources by 2020.’
    • ‘Farmers were worried that during the phaseout of burning, the disease would reappear.’
    • ‘Many breaks in stealth taxes like the personal-exemption phaseout and the limitations on itemization aren't scheduled to take effect for several years.’
    • ‘The phaseout stems from evidence that methyl bromide is an ozone depleter, that is, a substance that destroys the protective ozone layer of Earth's atmosphere.’
    • ‘But if the phaseout remains, business and investors would have to deal with a far more uncertain and complex regime for taxing dividends.’



/ˈfāzout/ /ˈfeɪzaʊt/