Definition of phaser in English:



  • 1An instrument that alters a sound signal by phasing it.

    ‘In the phase processing circuit 200, a phaser 214 varies the phase of the signal in accordance with its frequency, and a phase inverter 218 inverts the phase of the phase-varied signal by 90°.’
    • ‘Phasers can be used to slightly modulate or heavily distort the signal spectrum.’
    • ‘There was also a stereo drum loop, and the mix included six reverbs, four resonant filters, three phasers, two delays, two choruses, one EQ and MOTU's powerful MasterWorks multiband compression.’
  • 2(in science fiction) a weapon that delivers a beam that can stun or annihilate.

    ‘From the phasers, transporters and warp engines of the original series to the plasma conduits and microfusion of the 24th Century, we boldly explore where Star Trek can go next.’
    • ‘The usual phaser and Star Wars related sound effects are all present and accounted for and the soundtrack is pulled straight from the movie.’
    • ‘‘Directed-energy’ pulses can be throttled up or down depending on the situation, much like the phasers on ‘Star Trek’ could be set to kill or merely stun.’
    • ‘The folks at Master Replicas are selling phasers, communicators, and light sabers with stuff from ‘Lord of the Rings’ on the way.’
    • ‘If you were being menaced by a bug-eyed monster but lacked a phaser or psionic powers, your last hope might be a shuttle-craft to get you off-world.’



/ˈfāzər/ /ˈfeɪzər/