Definition of phasic in English:



  • 1Relating to a phase or phases.

    1. 1.1Physiology Characterized by occurrence in phases rather than continuously.
      ‘phasic and tonic stretch reflexes’
      • ‘Presumably, this airway collapse is due to falling pharyngeal muscle tone as the phasic afferent breathing-associated neural drive to these muscles declines as a central apnea develops.’
      • ‘Davidson has further emphasized that ‘affective chronometry’, or individual differences in tonic activation and phasic reactivity in this circuit, play an important role in governing different aspects of anxiety.’
      • ‘In addition to several specific tasks concerning the components of tonic and phasic alertness and selective, divided, and sustained attention, we presented a working memory test.’
      • ‘We measured both tonic and phasic heart rate dimensions.’
      • ‘These phasic values of blood pressure can be recorded accurately using modern transducers (electronic measuring devices) connected to catheters (fine tubes) inserted into arteries.’



/ˈfāzik/ /ˈfeɪzɪk/