Definition of Phasmida in English:


plural noun

  • 1Entomology
    An order of insects that comprises the stick insects and leaf insects. They have very long bodies that resemble twigs or leaves.

    ‘Leaf insects, so-called because they resemble broad leaves, are grouped in the same order as stick insects, Phasmida, however only about 30 species of the total 3000 are leaf insects.’
    • ‘Phasmida have elongate bodies. Our species are wingless as adults. However, some tropical forms are winged and are called leaf insects.’
    • ‘Phasmida are hemimetabolous and generally elongate, though some forms (Leaf-Insects) are broad and flattened.’
  • 2Zoology
    A class of nematodes that includes the parasitic hookworms and roundworms.

    Also called Secernentea



/ˈfazmədə/ /ˈfæzmədə/


Modern Latin (plural), from Latin phasma ‘apparition’, from Greek.