Definition of phenyl in English:



as modifier
  • Of or denoting the radical —C₆H₅, derived from benzene by removal of a hydrogen atom.

    ‘a phenyl group’
    • ‘The composition of peptides was determined by amino acid analysis using the phenyl isothiocyanate method.’
    • ‘Polychlorinated biphenyls are a family of 209 congeners with 2 linked phenyl rings and variable chlorination.’
    • ‘We also varied the end group of the trichlorosilyl surfactant, using an amine, vinyl, bromo, or phenyl group to provide other surfaces of differing hydrophobicity.’
    • ‘The long hydrophobic tail of vinyl butyrate was placed along the hydrophobic cleft of the active site, while the bulky phenyl ring was fitted on the opposite side.’
    • ‘Benzamidine bound to trypsin has a buried positively charged amidinium group and a more solvent-accessible nonpolar phenyl ring.’



/ˈfen(ə)l/ /ˈfɛn(ə)l/ /ˈfēn(ə)l/ /ˈfin(ə)l/


Mid 19th century from French phényle, from Greek phaino- ‘shining’ (because first used in names of compounds denoting byproducts of the manufacture of gas used for illumination).