Definition of phenylbutazone in English:



  • A synthetic compound used as an analgesic drug, especially in the treatment of horses.

    ‘Dogs with panosteitis usually respond to analgesics such as aspirin or phenylbutazone.’
    • ‘In addition, previous experimental work by Vogel indicates that acetylsalicylic acid, indomethacin, and phenylbutazone strengthen uninjured collagenous structures in rats.’
    • ‘Many horses receive phenylbutazone on a daily basis for weeks, months, or even years, potentially contributing to increased intestinal permeability.’
    • ‘While gastric ulcers in horses are common, their presence may be due in part to the use of phenylbutazone.’
    • ‘In other studies, excessive doses of phenylbutazone have been shown to induce a range of adverse effects within a relatively short period of time, including gastric ulcers, colitis and kidney damage.’



/fenlˈbyo͞odəzōn/ /fɛnlˈbjudəzoʊn/ /ˌfēnlˈbyo͞odəˌzōn/ /ˌfinlˈbjudəˌzoʊn/


1950s from phenyl + but(yl)+ azo-+ -one.