Definition of Philadelphia lawyer in English:

Philadelphia lawyer


  • A very shrewd lawyer who is expert in the exploitation of legal technicalities.

    • ‘The consequence was a labyrinthine system of bonus points and calculating the draw which a Philadelphia lawyer might well have struggled to understand.’
    • ‘It doesn't take a Philadelphia lawyer to figure that one out.’
    • ‘With that deal he demonstrated there is a career for him as a Philadelphia lawyer once he hangs up his boots.’


Philadelphia lawyer

/ˌfiləˈdelfēə ˈloiər/ /ˌfɪləˈdɛlfiə ˈlɔɪər/ /ˈlôyər/ /ˈlɔjər/


With reference to Andrew Hamilton of Philadelphia, who successfully defended John Zenger (1735), an American journalist and publisher, from libel charges.