Definition of philhellene in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɪlhɛˌliːn/ /fɪlˈhɛliːn/


  • 1A lover of Greece and Greek culture.

    ‘a romantic philhellene’
    • ‘Universal classical literacy beckons in the wake of the Athens Olympics, and philhellenes the world over must already be entertaining shy hopes for a 21st-century rebirth of neo-classicism.’
    • ‘Dreamy days by the beach, hunting for shells and watching fishermen mend their nets may well convert them into confirmed philhellenes by the time you leave.’
    • ‘One philhellene whom Roessel discusses very well is his former professor, Edmund Keeley, whose experience of Greece dates back to his childhood in the thirties.’
    • ‘Lavish donations outside Palestine established Herod as a benefactor on an empire-wide scale, as well as a flamboyant philhellene; the Olympian games and the city of Athens were among the beneficiaries.’
    • ‘A philhellene, he obtained appointments in the Ionian Islands, including, in 1854, secretary to the Lord High Commissioner.’
    1. 1.1historical A supporter of Greek independence.
      ‘Resistance to the Junta had been growing within Greece and overseas amongst Greeks abroad and their philhellene and pro-democracy supporters.’


Early 19th century from Greek philellēn ‘loving the Greeks’ (see phil-, Hellene).



/ˈfɪlhɛˌliːn/ /fɪlˈhɛliːn/