Definition of philhellenism in English:


Pronunciation /filˈheləˌnizəm/


See philhellene

‘It is precisely the unspoiled and Arcadian aspect of Greece that, in the twentieth century, provided new shadings of philhellenism.’
  • ‘Hadrian went from Egypt to Lycia; by the winter of 131-2 he was back at Athens, to inaugurate the Olympieum and founded the Panhellenion (an organization of Greek cities), the culmination of his philhellenism.’
  • ‘Shelley's preface, his last great appeal for political liberty in Europe, remains a classic statement of English philhellenism: ‘We are all Greeks.’’
  • ‘Then in 66-68 Nero went on a tour of Greece, where his cultural interests and philhellenism were more appreciated than at Rome.’