Definition of Philippine mahogany in English:

Philippine mahogany


  • 1Reddish-brown timber from a tropical tree, used for paneling, cabinetry, and furniture. It resembles mahogany but is softer and less expensive.

    ‘Generally, the trees that supply the timber for Philippine mahogany lumber and plywood belong to the huge plant family called Dipterocarpaceae.’
    ‘Due to its weathering properties, Philippine Mahogany is an excellent exterior wood.’
  • 2The tree that produces Philippine mahogany, harvested chiefly in Indonesia and the Philippines.

    Genus Shorea, family Dipterocarpaceae: several species

    ‘The many varieties of so-called "Philippine mahogany" are really types of tropical cedar common to the Philippines even though they resemble true mahogany.’
    Also called lauan
    ‘The lauans, or "Philippine mahogany," are the softer members of the dipterocarp family.’