Definition of phlegmasia alba dolens in English:

phlegmasia alba dolens

Pronunciation /flɛɡˌmeɪsɪə(r) albə ˈdəʊl(ə)nz/ /flɛɡˌmeɪzɪə(r) albə ˈdəʊl(ə)nz/ /flɛɡˌmeɪʒə(r) albə ˈdəʊl(ə)nz/


  • Pain, swelling, and pallor of a limb caused by acute deep venous thrombosis; especially that of a leg, most commonly seen in women after childbirth (also called milk leg, white leg).


Mid 19th century; earliest use found in The Lancet. From scientific Latin phlegmasia alba dolens from post-classical Latin phlegmasia + classical Latin alba, feminine singular of albus white + dolēns, present participle of dolēre to suffer pain.