Definition of phonation in English:



mass nounPhonetics
  • The production or utterance of speech sounds.

    ‘patients may exhibit difficulty with phonation’
    • ‘The tongue is essential for speech / phonation, tasting, chewing, swallowing, suckling, and licking, but to do all of this it evolved to lie partially in the pharynx, where in humans it is at best a nuisance for breathing.’
    • ‘Mastication, swallowing, phonation, hearing, vision, and facial expression will be animated and seen in three dimensions.’
    • ‘The primary function of this system is the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide; secondary functions are phonation and olfaction.’
    • ‘There are various ways to improve articulation, respiration and phonation.’
    • ‘The patient's cough was persistent, effective, and nonproductive and his phonation was normal.’


Mid 19th century from Greek phōnē ‘sound, voice’ + -ation.