Definition of phone tapping in English:

phone tapping


mass noun
  • The action or practice of connecting a device to a telephone so that the conversation can be listened to secretly.

    ‘the ban on phone tapping should be strengthened’
    as modifier ‘a phone-tapping scandal’
    • ‘Be it a landline or a mobile, technology has thoroughly outpaced the law on unauthorised phone tapping.’
    • ‘The ten month-long operation involved 400 officers and hours of phone tapping.’
    • ‘Most of the information was collected through illegal means, such as phone tapping, spying and even torture.’
    • ‘A number of residential and business addresses are currently being searched as part of the investigation into the alleged phone tapping.’
    • ‘The Prime Minister had stood by his aide amid the continuing scandal over phone tapping at the newspaper.’
    • ‘Rights groups in the US are already on alert after revelations that the White House authorised phone tapping without court orders.’
    • ‘Back in 2009, he spoke before parliament telling a committee that he believed the phone tapping was the work of a single rogue reporter.’
    • ‘It is the first time in British legal history that the reasons used by the police or security services to justify phone tapping have been found to be unlawful.’
    • ‘The body will be allowed to use new powers such as use of evidence from phone tapping, plea bargaining for witnesses, and a witness protection programme.’
    • ‘Its tactics were often illegal, involving phone tapping, bugging of private residences and links with organised crime.’
    • ‘He is also accused of phone tapping, involvement in payoffs to lawmakers and misusing 7.5 million in government funds.’
    • ‘The High Court ruled the phone tapping was unconstitutional and an abuse of power by the State.’
    • ‘The government has used the scandal to attack the opposition and justify the widespread use of phone tapping, long periods of detention and other repressive measures.’
    • ‘There are already widespread reports of abuses of phone tapping in the UK, including a case pending before the European Court of Human Rights.’
    • ‘Technology such as phonetapping and electronic eavesdropping has some role to play in terms of surveillance.’
    • ‘In the early 1980s the scale of government phonetapping became evident.’
    • ‘Government phone-tapping practices have violated the right to privacy, the European court of human rights ruled yesterday.’
    • ‘Last month, seven of his former associates were convicted of invasion of privacy for their role in a phone-tapping operation.’
    • ‘These investigations including phone-tapping and searching of criminal records and tax records.’
    • ‘I'm not sure just how widespread this phone-tapping is.’
    observation, scrutiny, watch, view, inspection, monitoring, supervision, superintendence