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  • 1Phonetics
    Relating to speech sounds.

    ‘detailed phonetic information’
    • ‘A traditional phonetic transcription represents speech as a succession of segments.’
    • ‘The basic phonetic unit of pirate speech is the single long-drawn-out letter: R, I, A, etc.’
    • ‘Within this framework, speech input could be analyzed into phonetic features that are connected to a phonemic level of representation.’
    • ‘Lawrence Carrington's St. Lucian Creole is a valuable handbook for anyone interested in the phonetic and morphological structure of Creole speech.’
    • ‘An appendix also supplies phonetic transcriptions for five sonnets and fifteen speeches or scenes from the plays.’
    1. 1.1(of a system of writing) having a direct correspondence between symbols and sounds.
      ‘a phonetic alphabet’
      • ‘In addition to the adaptation of Chinese characters to pre-existing Japanese vocabulary, two phonetic systems of writing were developed after the ninth century.’
      • ‘Champollion went on to show that for most of their writing, the scribes relied on using a relatively conventional phonetic alphabet.’
      • ‘Next he contends that Iroquois orality and phonetic writing stand in equal relation; he supports this claim through his metacommentary on translation and literacy and through his allusions to the Bible.’
      • ‘Its Cyrillic alphabet is phonetic; its grammar is synthetic, conveying information through word modification rather than order.’
      • ‘Since Spanish is a much more phonetic language-each vowel has a single sound-the tasks required of students in the word analysis content area do not easily transfer between the two languages.’
    2. 1.2Relating to phonetics.
      ‘the teachers should receive phonetic training’
      • ‘It was generally agreed that professional language teachers should receive phonetic training, and that at the school stage the teacher should preferably be of the same language background as the pupils.’
      • ‘I just copied the story uncritically from Wucker's account and from Dove's poem, and of course neither of them is trained in phonetic vocabulary or its application to speech.’
      • ‘Language CD-ROMs, which combine photographs, sounds, literal definitions and phonetic explanations, can contribute to restoring, sustaining and promoting of Aboriginal languages.’



/fəˈnedik/ /fəˈnɛdɪk/


Early 19th century from modern Latin phoneticus, from Greek phōnētikos, from phōnein ‘speak’.