Definition of phonograph record in English:

phonograph record


North American
fuller form of record (sense 4 of the noun)
‘For a 1935 broadcast from London that was meant to simulate a Broadway opening night, he needed a phonograph record of Ethel Merman singing ‘You're the Top.’’
  • ‘A phonograph record is analog, a compact disk is digital.’
  • ‘A customer asked for a color print of a phonograph record, and someone wanted to have an album of prints made from the shells she found on her vacation.’
  • ‘When the inventor explains the process, instead of speaking he uses a phonograph record.’
  • ‘His colorless, narrow eyes swept over the two prisoners, then he snapped in a scratchy voice, like an old phonograph record, ‘That isn't Murray Bozinsky!‘’
  • ‘Others endured Paul Dolden's ‘Threshold of Deafening Silence,’ a track one critic compared to ‘one million needles being ground into a giant phonograph record.’’
  • ‘Like that of a phonograph record, the AFM's needle reads the bumps on the subject's surface, rising as it hits the peaks and dipping as it traces the valleys.’
  • ‘For another thing, our galaxy's disk isn't flat; it's warped, like an old-fashioned phonograph record left out in the hot sun.’
  • ‘For this reason, it is permissible to destroy a phonograph record, or to erase or copy over a sound or video tape, even though a divine name may be recorded on it.’
  • ‘Another aural medium, the phonograph record, began its commercial ascent in the 1910s.’
  • ‘Each disk is about the size of a small phonograph record and is intricately cut with identical spiraling designs.’
  • ‘Then the phonograph record allowed the average Joe and Jill to listen to whatever music they liked.’
  • ‘She boarded the repatriation ship with several spare underclothes and a phonograph record of a Japanese popular song in a small suitcase.’
  • ‘It looked like some kind of primitive phonograph record.’
  • ‘Indeed, the information can be found in various formats including: manuscripts, photographs, pamphlets, broadsides, audio tapes, phonograph records, films, and video recordings.’
  • ‘Using two old seventy-eight phonograph records, a pencil, and some fishing line, I made a huge Yo-yo and yo-yoed off the high railroad bridge there.’
  • ‘African-American fiddlers on early phonograph records offer a rich variety of technique and material, yet many share stylistic traits that distinguish their music from that of white performers.’
  • ‘In those terribly barren years right after World War II the major labels had satisfied the demand for phonograph records by reissues.’
  • ‘There are things in place that go back to day one with phonograph records…’
  • ‘Whenever possible, the lullabies and poems of the lower and middle years should be sung or presented by phonograph records.’


phonograph record

/ˈfōnəˌɡraf rəˈkô(ə)rd/ /ˈfoʊnəˌɡræf rəˈkɔ(ə)rd/ /rēˈkô(ə)rd/ /riˈkɔ(ə)rd/