Definition of phooey in English:


(US pfui)

Pronunciation /ˈfo͞oē/ /ˈfui/


  • Used to express disdain or disbelief.

    ‘I say phooey to all their money and fine clothes’
    • ‘And, phooey to the woman on the bus who quipped, I had a dress just like that in tenth grade!’
    • ‘Say phooey to all your gloating girlfriends who spend V-day with any old bloke just because they are too insecure to make it on their own.’
    • ‘Say phooey to the introduction of the euro to Europe from January 1 at your peril - particularly if you have a tourism-related business in York or North Yorkshire.’
    • ‘But BA's passengers said phooey to both sides, since they are the ones who wound up having to spend a weekend in Terminal 1.’
    • ‘So forgive me if I say phooey to the fashionable PR twaddle which claims that casinos can regenerate our urban landscape.’
    • ‘There has been much hand-wringing over the proliferation of home runs in the last few years, but here at TSN, we say phooey!’
    • ‘Right now there are probably a few people saying ‘but people will steal our programmes - there must be copy protection’, to which I say phooey!’
    • ‘Well phooey - that's still an outrageous price.’
    • ‘Don't ask me why I called him/her/it ‘Nemesis,’ I just think it's a cool-sounding name, so if you don't like it, phooey.’
    • ‘One final note: to those of you who piece together that Dar and Tal are brothers, and that would make Dar and Kiri cousins, I say phooey.’
    • ‘Home sweet home, phooey: Indiana looks like a lock for the top seed in the East.’
    • ‘An amusing quote: ‘… many Koreans are answering [with] a defiant phooey.’’
    • ‘Now you might say phooey - punctuality is one thing, who cares about the other factors.’
    • ‘Some object to this new suit of clothes for the Rotunda, but I say phooey.’
    • ‘I say phooey since tools don't make the Witch; a crafty Witch makes her own tools.’


  • Nonsense.

    ‘those excuses are a lot of phooey’
    • ‘That's phooey to most ordinary investors, who want to see their wealth expand in absolute terms and not simply get poorer slower than their neighbors.’
    • ‘Added Browne: ‘They are just talking a lot of phooey.’’
    • ‘It's all phooey, of course, another case of grown-ups lying to kids for sentimental reasons.’
    prattle, chatter, twitter, babble, talk, prating, gabble, jabber, blether, rambling


1920s imitative.



/ˈfo͞oē/ /ˈfui/