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photographic memory

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  • The ability to remember information or visual images in great detail.

    ‘I have a photographic memory and can remember facts and figures very clearly.’
    • ‘If you're blessed with a photographic memory, you might remember, but everyone I've tried this on so far has failed, even in telling me which half of the keyboard the letters are in.’
    • ‘Gilmartin, whose recollection of detail is immense, said yesterday he had a photographic memory.’
    • ‘Or maybe you wish you could be as smart as her or as intelligent as all those people who seem to have a photographic memory and can ace any topic or thing they set their mind to?’
    • ‘Gilmartin, in spite of his claim to have once possessed a photographic memory, is unclear about small but significant details.’
    • ‘He had terrible eyesight, which made reading dodgy music difficult, but he made up for this disability by engaging his amazing photographic memory, which meant that he learnt everything off by heart after reading through it once.’
    • ‘Perhaps cellist David Finckel has a photographic memory, but I was nevertheless impressed when, at the Library of Congress last night, he played three substantial sonatas from memory.’
    • ‘We quickly settled on a system whereby they carried their bags to the car and I used my obsessive-compulsive photographic memory to place everything together like matching pieces in a jigsaw puzzle.’
    • ‘Tex had an amazing photographic memory, a passion for all things in Texas' grand history (particularly the Alamo) and a true love of this nation.’
    • ‘He retired from farming and his life was extremely busy, visiting his friends and calling in for a chat - the best story teller ever known, he had a photographic memory of dates and events.’
    • ‘At one point, Peter reads a book about a woman with a strange form of selective amnesia that gives her a photographic memory of the year 1895.’
    • ‘I am paraphrasing slightly, due to a lack of Tivo or a photographic memory, but here's the question.’
    • ‘I have a photographic memory for stuff that I read that moves me.’
    • ‘The accused Harvard plagiarist doesn't have a photographic memory.’
    • ‘With a photographic memory, he can converse about the past.’
    • ‘He had a photographic memory, of the law, of the Civil War, and many other things, including the Big Bands.’
    • ‘Vincent has a photographic memory and a flair for mathematics.’
    • ‘What the British didn't realize was that he possessed a photographic memory.’
    • ‘Either the woman has a photographic memory, or she's picked up a superb way of mingling with strangers.’
    • ‘Qian must have surely shocked and awed so many people with his photographic memory of so many texts in different languages.’


photographic memory

/ˌfōdəˌɡrafik ˈmem(ə)rē/ /ˌfoʊdəˌɡræfɪk ˈmɛm(ə)ri/