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  • Lithography using plates made photographically.

    ‘This mask is then used in a process called photolithography to deposit the portraits in aluminium on to a wafer of silicon.’
    • ‘This overall approach has better three-dimensional capabilities and is more flexible and biocompatible than either photolithography or microcontact printing.’
    • ‘Core technologies of a company include high-resolution photolithography, microminiature 2-D and 3-D electro-forming, thin-film vacuum deposition, and ion-beam etching.’
    • ‘In the first, DNA is spotted onto a glass slide; in the second, oligonucleotides of 15-30 nucleic acid base pairs are synthesised on to a silica slide by a process known as photolithography.’
    • ‘For this we utilize photolithography in combination with a recently described polymer lift-off technique.’



/ˌfōdōliˈTHäɡrəfē/ /ˌfoʊdoʊlɪˈθɑɡrəfi/