Definition of photopic in English:


Pronunciation /fōˈtäpik/ /foʊˈtɑpɪk/


  • Relating to or denoting vision in daylight or other bright light, believed to involve chiefly the cones of the retina.

    Often contrasted with scotopic

    ‘Mean photopic b-wave amplitudes were significantly reduced in cases compared with controls, as were mean oscillatory potential amplitudes and latencies.’
    • ‘Figures 1 and 2 show scotopic and photopic amplitude values for all ERG parameters measured for each dog.’
    • ‘The photopic curve is for normal vision, and the scotopic curve is for eyes that are adjusted to the dark.’
    • ‘The objects being searched are relatively large, highcontrast lines that are viewed under photopic conditions.’
    • ‘First, the .5 log unit ND reduction of luminance may have been excessive for a photopic task.’


Early 20th century from photo-‘light’ + -opia+ -ic.