Definition of phototropic in English:




See phototropism

  • ‘At the end of the blue light treatment, wild-type hypocotyls showed curvatures of about 60°C and red-fluorescing chloroplasts in the phototropic arch (not shown).’
  • ‘Blue-light reception in plants leads to phototropic plant movement, chloroplast relocation, and opening of stomatal guard cells.’
  • ‘Phototropins and homologs, recently renamed Phot proteins, comprise a class of blue-light receptors that are involved in phototropic plant movement, chloroplast relocation, and stomatal opening in guard cells.’
  • ‘It has been known for more than a century that unilateral illumination induces phototropic bending in plants.’
  • ‘These experiments provide evidence that periodic short-term exposure to wind can induce phototropic responses in the early stage of pine seedlings' development.’