Definition of phragmites in English:


Pronunciation /fraɡˈmīdēz/ /fræɡˈmaɪdiz/


  • A common and invasive tall reed.

    Genus Phragmites, family Gramineae: several species, in particular the common reed (P. communis)

    • ‘Cattails and bulrushes will replace the invasive phragmites that have choked the waterways.’
    • ‘Below, the greens of windswept reeds and phragmites are intersected constantly by the twisting, interlocking Hackensack and Passaic Rivers, canal drainages, raised highways and railroad tracks.’
    • ‘Zebra mussels, phragmites, and exotic snails are but a few of the more pervasive impediments to the recovery of some listed species.’
    • ‘Mr. Leahy, who is Kilmeaden's local county councillor, pointed out that there were no less than 40 different species of aquatic life growing in and around the lagoons, with about 10 to 12 main species such as thyfa, iris and phragmites.’
    • ‘Ring-necked pheasants, descendants from flocks released for a hunting estate in the nineteenth century, dart between clumps of phragmites.’
    • ‘I found that by going behind one of the buildings I got a great view of a little lagoon surrounded by phragmites.’
    • ‘There is a small, rank pond hidden from most casual viewers behind a wall of phragmites.’


Modern Latin, from Greek phragmitēs ‘growing in hedges’, from phragma ‘hedge’.



/fraɡˈmīdēz/ /fræɡˈmaɪdiz/