Definition of phycobilin in English:



  • Any of a group of red or blue photosynthetic pigments present in some algae.

    ‘Unlike any other flagellate algae, they contain phycobilins as accessory photosynthetic pigments, as do red algae and cyanobacteria.’
    • ‘It is a fundamental metabolic pathway needed for biosynthesis of cytochromes, chlorophylls, phycobilins, and the corrin nucleus of vitamin B 12.’
    • ‘A second group, the Dinophysis species, have plastids containing phycobilins and chlorophyll a + c.’
    • ‘Rhodophytes, like glaucophytes, lack chlorophyll b but carry a complement of phycobilins arranged in phycobilisomes on unstacked thylakoids.’
    • ‘The picture at the right shows the two classes of phycobilins which may be extracted from these ‘algae’.’



/ˌfīkōˈbilən/ /ˌfaɪkoʊˈbɪlən/ /ˌfīkōˈbīlən/ /ˌfaɪkoʊˈbaɪlən/