Definition of phyllotaxis in English:


(also phyllotaxy)


mass nounBotany
  • The arrangement of leaves on an axis or stem.

    • ‘Poaceae species present a conserved distichous phyllotaxy (leaf position along the stem) and share common properties with respect to leaf initiation.’
    • ‘The courses of these bundles were presented both in transverse sections chosen at characteristic points (where changes in phyllotaxy and bifurcation of leaf trace bundles occurred) and in longitudinal diagrams.’
    • ‘There was a negative correlation between phyllotaxy and leaf primordium diameter: species with greater numbers of orthostichies or parastichies had smaller leaf primordia.’
    • ‘From this and related work it has become necessary to define a meristem by its phyllotaxy and other growth patterns and not the identity of organs it produces.’
    • ‘Each current-year shoot of Q. crispula has one terminal bud, one to five terminally lateral buds and several lateral buds in the lower stem in alternate phyllotaxis.’