Definition of phylogeny in English:



  • 1The branch of biology that deals with phylogenesis.

    Compare with ontogeny

    ‘In addition to ecology, phylogeny may also influence life history parameters.’
    • ‘Phylogenetics, the science of phylogeny, is one part of the larger field of systematics, which also includes taxonomy.’
    • ‘In both cases, alterations of developmental timing produce parallels between ontogeny and phylogeny.’
    • ‘Therefore it was important to clarify the theoretical foundations of both phylogeny and systematics.’
    • ‘The correlation between molecular phylogeny and biogeography is close.’
    1. 1.1
      another term for phylogenesis
      ‘Basic questions such as the chromosomal evolution or the phylogeny of these living fossils are still unresolved.’
      • ‘If this is indeed so, then symbiont phylogeny should roughly correlate with host phylogeny.’
      • ‘Here we use gene genealogies to investigate the phylogeny of recent speciation in the heliconiine butterflies.’
      • ‘The phylogeny of Rex3 diverges significantly from the classical fish phylogeny.’
      • ‘The phylogeny of archaeans is based on molecular sequences in their DNA.’



/fīˈläjənē/ /faɪˈlɑdʒəni/


Late 19th century from Greek phulon, phulē ‘race, tribe’+ -geny.