Definition of physical theater in English:

physical theater


  • A form of theater which emphasizes the use of physical movement, as in dance and mime, for expression.

    ‘Disciplines include children's theatre, film, comedy, drama, physical theatre, dance, cabaret, visual art, performance poetry, music theatre, and the full scope of music genres.’
    • ‘McColl's delightful monologue is the most well integrated of the five, assisted by physical theatre and mime.’
    • ‘And to get learners even more creatively involved with the arts there are over 20 workshops spanning creative writing, music, journalism, drama, dance, mime and even physical theatre.’
    • ‘Improvisational mime and innovative physical theatre tell the story of a dysfunctional family living outside the law.’
    • ‘She is also an actress, theatre director, movement teacher and choreographer and incorporates physical theatre and dance into her storytelling performances and workshops.’
    • ‘The summer school will cover drama, movement, clowning, physical theatre, devising and presentation, the students being guided by theatre professionals to help them explore their creativity.’
    • ‘She trained in mime and physical theatre, acted on stage and on TV, and ran theatres in Islington and St Catherine's Docks before seeing the job at Jacksons Lane advertised.’
    • ‘This is a quietly passionate and gently moving piece of theatre which includes elements of physical theatre, dance and text.’
    • ‘But Orwell's attack on Socialism does not become mired in politics as dance, song and physical theatre are combined to ensure a dramatic pace is kept.’
    • ‘Barebones is a show featuring contemporary dance and physical theatre, performed in the round, meaning the audience can get up close and personal with the dancers.’
    • ‘On Friday June 15 a unique combination of physical theatre, song and dance comes to the Hawk's Well in the form of ‘The Crooner’.’
    • ‘Those practising the martial art forms, cinematic dance, physical theatre, yoga and even athletes or sports persons involved in rhythm-based items like gymnastics may take part in the audition.’
    • ‘Even though we have baptised our theatre as the theatre of energy, we mix physical theatre with conventional theatre.’
    • ‘A show that blurs the lines between contemporary dance and physical theatre, it is delivered by Ponydance, a young and ambitious company who aims to perform a piece you'd love to see again.’
    • ‘On the Fringe, Aurora Nova, at St Stephens, is in its third season of hosting a wide-ranging, self-contained festival of international physical theatre and dance.’
    • ‘Combining physical theatre with dance sequences and classic songs, this one man show from Brighton Theatre Events is not only hugely entertaining but also moving.’
    • ‘Adapted for the stage by blind writer Maria Oshodi, Resistence uses physical theatre, experimental dance and live audio description.’
    • ‘Born in Kettering and raised in London, Dharmesh trained at Hope St Theatre in Liverpool where physical theatre was high on the agenda.’
    • ‘This production boasts an illustrious cast and incorporates physical theatre, song and dance.’
    • ‘Shared Experience are well-known for their innovative theatre work, especially their preference for embracing new writing and new literary adaptations, then combining these with physical theatre.’


physical theater

/ˈfizikəl ˈTHēədər/ /ˈfɪzɪkəl ˈθiədər/