Definition of physiographic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌfizēəˈɡrafik/


See physiography

‘The Crim and Marble Forest sites are located in the prairie wetlands physiographic region in northcentral Iowa.’
  • ‘The Municipio of Alamos lies in southeast Sonora, within the physiographic provinces of the Sierra Madre Occidental and the arid western coastal plains of the state of Sonora.’
  • ‘Study sites were located in floodplains of the upper Passaic River basin in the Piedmont physiographic region of New Jersey.’
  • ‘Foothills composed of Precambrian schists and gneisses lie west of the hogbacks, and the Great Plains physiographic province lies to the east of the Table Mountains.’
  • ‘The Mer site is located within the Tennessee River drainage in the Valley and Ridge physiographic province.’