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  • 1A public square or marketplace, especially in an Italian town.

    ‘Here, folks stop to ‘take a coffee’ in one of the town's many piazzas, or public squares, as well as chat with friends during the nightly passeggiata, or evening stroll.’
    • ‘Beaches are popular recreation areas, especially with young people, who also enjoy ‘hanging out’ at the local piazza, or town square.’
    • ‘He said the proposed office blocks and apartments would be linked to the city centre and included a number of public squares, parks and piazzas.’
    • ‘A glazed atrium to lead people around a new town centre piazza to the market hall could also be included in the design.’
    • ‘The centre has a huge public piazza and in town centres such as this the entire development should be taken into account.’
    • ‘The presence of the conference centre necessitated a cut in the toroidal form so that a public piazza serving both old and new buildings could be created between them.’
    • ‘The long-term scheme is expected to have a market square or piazza and an architectural feature to provide focal points and increase the use of the site throughout the year.’
    • ‘Here will be the social arena of the whole community, with an arcade round the piazza serving shops, offices and cafes.’
    • ‘The 7500 square metre piazza, to which the parvis is linked, is calculated to cater for a crowd of 15 000 people.’
    • ‘His splendid piazza in Vancouver, which gently makes green public terraces in the middle of the city to greet the court building is surely one of the great triumphs of twentieth-century urban design.’
    • ‘Throughout the book he provides precise information about streets, piazzas, and squares where certain events took place.’
    • ‘The piazzas of each town or village are famous for the parading of people through them at night with friends and relatives.’
    • ‘There is a piazza - or square - around almost every corner.’
    • ‘A public piazza will face the River Thames and create a new riverside walkway and wetlands area.’
    • ‘In the late 1400s, northern Italian magic tales were publicly performed in city piazzas, sung or recited, and members of the audience could buy printed sheets from which the performers had taken their cues.’
    • ‘The tradition dates back to the 16th century, when Italian war veterans decorated piazzas with pastel images of the Madonna to earn donations from pilgrims.’
    • ‘More reminiscent of a film set than a real-life town, it boasts piazzas, churches and palaces aplenty, and offers an insight into the local heritage.’
    • ‘You approach the Centre from the piazza under a huge metal portico.’
    • ‘An exchange of land was agreed and outline planning consent was granted in March 1962 for two towers facing on to an open piazza.’
    • ‘Before the fire, he revealed plans for three apartment blocks and an Italian-style piazza.’
    marketplace, close, quadrangle, quad, courtyard
  • 2US archaic The veranda of a house.

    ‘The family also built a new detached kitchen directly behind the rear piazza and converted the fireplaces in the principal rooms of the main floor to coal.’
    • ‘Replicated in countless subsequent homes and public buildings, the piazza acts as a graceful connector between indoors and out.’
    • ‘Enjoy your beautifully landscaped yard from your rear piazza, or your side gazebo as the warm island breezes encircles your family with comfort.’
    • ‘The rear piazza is inset between small rooms which flank and open onto it.’



/pēˈätsə/ /piˈɑtsə/ /pēˈazə/ /piˈæzə/


Late 16th century Italian.