Definition of pic in English:



  • A photograph or cinema film.

    ‘a hard-hitting action pic’
    • ‘At one point, we were both taking a pic of a photographer capturing a bride and groom on film.’
    • ‘I have elected to dive the site again to get some fish pics and close-ups.’
    • ‘Tonight, I'm writing a list of all the pics we need at tomorrow's video filming.’
    • ‘You should know that they didn't have any other suitable pics so my photo HAD to be good enough.’
    • ‘This pic was originally a photo of my lovely yellow birthday rose.’
    • ‘I'll be posting more pics later, but anyone care to guess where the pic was taken?’
    • ‘I'm waiting for sister to send me the pics she took yesterday so I can update my pic on the blog.’
    • ‘I got some pics too, but they are on film, so will have to wait for processing and scanning.’
    • ‘Anyway, if you want to see him, we uploaded a couple of pics we took of him on the photo page.’
    • ‘The other pics are available on their own page within the photos section.’
    • ‘You can have lots of ugly old photo frames, with masses of pics of yourself in smart places or with famous people.’
    • ‘I took several photos of friends, so if I took your pic and you want a copy emailed, just let me know.’
    • ‘They might even take a pic and some text from me for a match programme.’
    • ‘I tried taking some videos today with the digicam, so no pics to post for now.’
    • ‘I've not got enough pics for the bridal fair, and we need to put together our album fairly soon.’
    • ‘I think part of why he sent it to me is that he knew he would see pics of me in it on the Net and it would promote his group!’
    • ‘His penwork is a bit uncertain, but there are some fine pics among these panels.’
    • ‘The pics and wallpapers that I put together for the community were received very well.’
    • ‘I've been forwarding the news briefs and pics found here to my local press.’
    • ‘Actually, this blog might be more interesting if I put loads of pics on it!’
    movie, picture, feature, feature film


Late 19th century abbreviation of picture.