Definition of picket line in English:

picket line


  • A boundary established by workers on strike, especially at the entrance to the place of work, which others are asked not to cross.

    ‘they crossed the picket line’
    ‘hundreds came to support the strikers on the picket line’
    • ‘A picket line was a picket line and anyone who crossed it was a scab.’
    • ‘Most of the nonunion workers are crossing the picket line, but some have joined the strike.’
    • ‘In Alberta, an unknown number of workers crossed the picket line and returned to work.’
    • ‘The workers have established a picket line at the mine site and prevented vehicles entering and leaving.’
    • ‘It's a normal trade union rule that if someone's on strike you don't cross their picket line and you don't touch their work.’
    • ‘Strikers held up banners as they tried to persuade office staff, delivery workers and postmen not to cross the picket line.’
    • ‘Tensions heightened yesterday when the first three of the new staff attempted to cross the picket line.’
    • ‘Striking firemen left their picket line to save a drowning horse.’
    • ‘Striking firefighters crossed their picket line to attend the incident.’
    • ‘The majority of students expressed support for the lecturers' action and refused to cross the picket line.’
    • ‘He didn't even visit a picket line until the strike was all but over.’
    • ‘Now we want to see them joining the picket line with the lower-paid workers who have helped make them rich and famous.’
    • ‘He plans to bring a delegation of council workers to the picket line.’
    • ‘Vehicles were stoned and one driver was pulled out of his truck when crossing the picket line.’
    • ‘Only four nurses have reportedly crossed the picket line in response to this threat.’
    • ‘Three people who we had met when we went to their picket line during their last strike recognised us and came over to chat.’
    • ‘The decision to withdraw your labour, or cross a picket line, is a major one.’
    • ‘The union gave in to these threats and the drivers were given little alternative but to cross the picket line.’
    • ‘The picket line of eleven workers has now been outside the plant for fourteen weeks.’
    • ‘Workers joined the picket line to prevent the bus carrying scabs entering the plant.’
    demonstration, picket line, blockade, boycott


picket line