Definition of picocell in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpiːkəʊsɛl/ /ˈpʌɪkəʊsɛl/


  • A small mobile phone base station connected to the phone network via the Internet, typically used to improve mobile phone reception indoors and considered to be smaller than a microcell.

    ‘the system uses low-power picocells throughout the building’
    • ‘The system uses a small picocell in the plane's cabin.’
    • ‘The gear will be very little more than a simple picocell on board the aircraft.’
    • ‘Does the picocell contain a jammer which blocks out these other cells?’
    • ‘The systems work by installing a base station—called a picocell—on the aircraft itself.’
    • ‘The signals from the mobile telephone went first to a "picocell" inside the aircraft, next to a computer server that routed them through the satellite communications network to the ground, and finally to ground-based telephone networks.’



/ˈpiːkəʊsɛl/ /ˈpʌɪkəʊsɛl/