Definition of picosecond in English:


(also ps)

Pronunciation /ˈpēkōˌsek(ə)nd/ /ˈpikoʊˌsɛk(ə)nd/ /ˈpīkōˌsek(ə)nd/ /ˈpaɪkoʊˌsɛk(ə)nd/


  • One trillionth of a second.

    ‘the first picosecond of the Big Bang’
    • ‘A typical chemical reaction takes place on a timescale of about a picosecond.’
    • ‘In contrast, most current MD simulations for larger realistic systems are usually restricted to a few nanoseconds or picoseconds.’
    • ‘They plan to use a UV laser to fire a 5-joule pulse lasting less than half a picosecond.’
    • ‘The system center of mass motion was removed at every picosecond to avoid the "cold solute / hot solvent" problem.’
    • ‘The lifetime of this fluorescent state is usually found to be approximately one-half picosecond.’
    • ‘We also define a coordinate, X, by cumulating the sum of one-dimensional displacements of all water molecules in the mentioned region every picosecond.’
    • ‘You're frozen in that second, that nanosecond—even a picosecond, maybe.’
    • ‘For example, FPMD simulations are currently limited to a few hundred atoms for a few picoseconds.’
    • ‘To elucidate the role of conformational entropy upon thermal unfolding in more detail, conformational dynamics in the time regime of picoseconds was investigated with neutron spectroscopy.’
    • ‘These fluctuations range in timescale from picoseconds to seconds.’
    • ‘Our initial attempts at simulating with explicit water were unsuccessful because the computational limits of the large model confined trajectory lengths to only several picoseconds.’
    • ‘There are 1 trillion picoseconds in every second.’
    • ‘If a water molecule enters or exits the defined region within a picosecond, only the portion of its displacement within the region contributes to the sum.’
    • ‘On the shortest time scale of a few picoseconds, the lipids show bond and angle fluctuations of dihedral angles within the same molecule.’
    • ‘Ten picoseconds of constant pressure and temperature (N, P, T) allowed the system to reach the proper density.’
    • ‘Their values imply that a free proton will jump between adjacent loci once within a few picoseconds.’
    • ‘Well, since the "clustering" of water only lasts for a few picoseconds, making an eye-blink seem like a lifetime in comparison, the matter is moot, anyway.’
    • ‘While vibrations of chemical bonds take less than a picosecond, reorientations of protein segments may be observed within nanoseconds, and a transient complete unfolding of the protein may eventually occur within years.’
    • ‘It knows the time within 100 picoseconds or so.’
    • ‘Trajectory snapshots were saved every picosecond.’