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picture book

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  • A book containing many illustrations, especially one for children.

    ‘This all too short book is a lovely picture book for children with a built in history lesson.’
    • ‘He translated The Book of Beasts, a picture book illustrating mythical animals, from Latin.’
    • ‘A good picture book isn't an illustrated short story.’
    • ‘You can actually see the dimensions, and if it's a picture book, the illustrator's style.’
    • ‘A large body of literature reveals there is no consensus on whether direct collaboration between author and illustrator results in a better picture book.’
    • ‘Right from the outset, it should be noted that this is not a glossy picture book with captions, but is a proper book, with photographic illustrations.’
    • ‘It is one of those books that is almost a picture book with clear explanations, although the words do predominate.’
    • ‘One reading was from a picture book about a little girl who picks a batch of blueberries and leaves them on her neighbor's porch.’
    • ‘Damien has written a picture book, which he read to us today.’
    • ‘The film is based on a picture book which is just 10 pages long, unlike other movies which are based on novels.’
    • ‘This picture book gently illuminates an intensely personal grief with the author's brilliant clarity.’
    • ‘Each set of sentences is typed on a sheet to face each picture and assembled as a picture book.’
    • ‘Interactions such as sharing a picture book, telling a story, and talking about experiences are central to emergent literacy.’
    • ‘How does a picture book, or even a Young Adult text, represent the pain of war atrocities without inflicting trauma on its readers?’
    • ‘During picture book reading mothers tend to use instructional strategies more frequently than in other situations.’
    • ‘They indicate how the images might have looked reproduced in some fashion - in a drawing, in a mural, in a picture book.’
    • ‘He ended up picking a picture book about a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly that he remembered reading form his own childhood.’
    • ‘Offering students the opportunity to compare a picture book with a teen novel allows us to review familiar tales with students.’
    • ‘Students can create a visual representation of the historical picture book of their choice through the creation of a mask.’
    • ‘She is a high school Spanish teacher and author of a bilingual picture book.’


picture book

/ˈpik(t)SHər ˌbo͝ok/ /ˈpɪk(t)ʃər ˌbʊk/