Definition of picture palace in English:

picture palace

Pronunciation /ˈpik(t)SHər ˌpaləs/ /ˈpɪk(t)ʃər ˌpæləs/


dated British
  • A movie theater.

    ‘Although he has lived in Australia for 30 years, he will never forget his trips to the picture palace.’
    • ‘Such disregard for the traditions of the picture palace was hard to take.’
    • ‘Tonight's unique fireworks display, reflected against the wall of the old building, will be the highlight of a grand goodbye to what was once the town's most splendid picture palace.’
    • ‘This was a fascinating journey tracing the history of cinema, from humble beginnings in small local halls to the splendid picture palaces that graced almost every High Street in the land.’
    • ‘Eventually, however, the picture palaces began to lose their pulling power and bingo started taking over.’
    movie theater, movie house