Definition of piddock in English:



  • A bivalve mollusk which bores into soft rock or other firm surfaces. The valves of the shell have a conspicuous gap between them and rough frontal ridges to aid in boring.

    Pholas and other genera, family Pholadidae

    ‘In SE Asia piddocks may be boiled and eaten with sauce and rice, or sautéed with shallots, or made into a curry.’
    • ‘The piddock has a thin, brittle shell that is similar in shape and sculpturing on both sides.’
    • ‘Some boring shellfish bore with chemistry, but the American piddock is a mechanical borer – repetitively grinding its shell with a rotating movement backward and forward to create a burrow for itself in softer substrates in the shallows of the intertidal zones.’
    • ‘The White piddock has mostly been described as smaller than the American one, but at the Belgian coast, opposite results have been found.’
    • ‘This member of the Piddock family lives intertidally in mud and peat banks.’



/ˈpidək/ /ˈpɪdək/


Mid 18th century of uncertain origin; perhaps formed with -ock.