Definition of pidgin English in English:

pidgin English


mass noun
  • A pidgin in which the chief language is English, used originally between Chinese people and Europeans.

    • ‘But, with the slow spread of education, the old inter-tribal language of pidgin English is being replaced by widely spoken and understood standard English.’
    • ‘And in formal places, such as in church services and in schools, English is spoken although it is usually interspersed with pidgin English and the native languages.’
    • ‘The different groups speak their own languages, but the language spoken across ethnic lines is a form of pidgin English called Creole.’
    • ‘I am worried that I will end up speaking a variant of pidgin English, because so few people at work understand proper English.’
    • ‘When you read the e-mail it is clearly written in pidgin English and is not the style a bank manager would use.’