Definition of pietas in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpʌɪətɑːs/ /piːˈeɪtɑːs/


mass noun
  • Respect due to an ancestor, country, institution, etc.

    • ‘From about 1500, however, the chief force in English humanism was the concept of pietas literata, or evangelical humanism, associated with Erasmus.’
    • ‘But pietas, once a virtue, is now out of fashion.’
    • ‘It was a simple act of pietas which reeks of nobility, but it might also have been a charm to ward off a similar fate.’
    • ‘The first reason involves pietas, an ancient European, which is to say Roman, virtue that teaches us both reverence and gratitude for those on whose shoulders we stand.’
    • ‘This genre bears an obvious resemblance to notions of pietas, which themselves constitute a utopian community situated in a past so idealized that it is almost fictional.’


Latin, literally ‘dutifulness’.



/ˈpʌɪətɑːs/ /piːˈeɪtɑːs/