Definition of piezo in English:


Pronunciation /pʌɪˈiːzəʊ/ /ˈpiːzəʊ/


  • Piezoelectric.

    ‘piezo pickup systems’
    • ‘The phase of drive signals supplied to one pair of the transistors is varied with respect to the phase of drive signals supplied to the other pair, thereby varying duty cycle and average voltage of the piezo transformer primary inputs.’
    • ‘Through the consistent deployment of piezo technology, the system being presented also succeeds in considerably reducing the typical noise of diesel engines in idling mode.’
    • ‘Capacitive, piezo resistive, or piezoelectric sensors pick up these motion-triggered vibrations.’
    • ‘A simple spherical flask, a couple of piezo transducers, an audio amplifier and a variable frequency oscillator are all that's required.’
    • ‘The amplitude reduction is held at a constant value by employing a feedback loop, which adjusts the vertical position of the cantilever-holder via piezo movements.’



/pʌɪˈiːzəʊ/ /ˈpiːzəʊ/