Definition of pig-sticking in English:



mass noun
  • The activity of hunting wild boar with a spear, carried out on horseback.

    • ‘Back in India at sixteen, James Brooke took a commission in the East India Company's army, where he had an enjoyable time shooting big game, pig-sticking and larking about in male company.’
    • ‘As an old countryman, I have never had an inclination to hunt, but to compare traditional hunting to ‘sports’ like pig-sticking and cock-fighting is offensive.’
    • ‘Also popular was pig-sticking, the dangerous sport of riding on horseback to hunt wild boar by sticking them with a lance.’
    • ‘I've used it for all sorts of jobs, hacking bush tracks, pig-sticking, butchering bullocks and sheep, cutting up my tobacco and often enough my loaf of bread.’
    • ‘The impression one gathers from that racy account is that pig-sticking is far more important a virtue that goes to make one a good ruler or administrator.’