Definition of pig iron in English:

pig iron

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  • Crude iron as first obtained from a smelting furnace, in the form of oblong blocks.

    ‘Energy-intensive blast furnaces, convert iron ore to pig iron, while coal is converted to coke.’
    • ‘In the 1780s, Henry Cort developed the puddling furnace, which allowed pig iron to be refined in turn with coke.’
    • ‘Steel manufactured in electric arc furnaces from scrap uses far less energy than traditional openhearth furnaces using pig iron.’
    • ‘The remaining methods for making steel do so by removing impurities from pig iron or a mixture of pig iron and steel scrap.’
    • ‘In the next two years when profits remained low, cargoes consisted mainly of iron ore, pig iron and some shipments of coal.’


pig iron

/piɡ ˈī(ə)rn/ /pɪɡ ˈaɪ(ə)rn/