Definition of pig-tailed macaque in English:

pig-tailed macaque


(also pigtail macaque)
  • A forest-dwelling Southeast Asian macaque that has a brown coat with pale underparts, dark markings around the face, and a small piglike tail.

    Macaca nemestrina, family Cercopithecidae

    ‘Langurs and orang-utans are rarely seen, while the pigtail macaque is reportedly found in several parts of the park.’
    • ‘In recent trials, they tested New World squirrel monkeys and Old World pig-tailed macaques for their olfactory sensitivity to aliphatic alcohols.’
    • ‘Other large mammals that have vanished are the leopard, the largest species of deer (the sambar and the barking deer), the pig-tailed macaque, and the wild pig.’
    • ‘Sulawesi's macaques are thought to have evolved from an ancestor of the pig-tailed macaque Macaca nemestrina.’
    • ‘Semi-tamed pig-tailed macaques have been trained by locals to climb trees and throw down coconuts.’


pig-tailed macaque

/piɡ tāld məˈkäk/ /pɪɡ teɪld məˈkɑk/ /məˈkak/ /məˈkæk/