Definition of pilau rice in English:

pilau rice


mass noun
  • (in Indian cooking) rice cooked in stock with spices, eaten as an accompaniment to a meat or vegetable dish.

    • ‘The biryani, cooked with pilau rice and served with a vegetable curry, was a little hotter than you would expect from a usually mild dish, but that extra spice solicited no complaints.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the organisation insists, an average portion of cod and chips contains less than half the fat and significantly fewer calories than a serving of chicken tikka masala and pilau rice or a sweet and sour pork with egg fried rice.’
    • ‘He went for special vegetable thali from the specialities menu, which consisted of a vegetable curry, mushroom bhaji, tarka dahl (a lentil dish) and vegetable pilau rice.’
    • ‘Similarly, my chicken tikka balti was tender and sizzling, the balti sauce sharp and tangy rather than a bland, lardy stew as is often the case, and the vegetable pilau rice we both had was full of tasty veg.’
    • ‘The price of the meals was just under £6 and consisted of one chicken korma, one chicken tikka, two naan breads, two onion bhajis and two generous servings of pilau rice.’
    • ‘On special occasions, pilau rice is served with meat, carrots, raisin, pistachios, or peas.’
    • ‘Her starter was two light, succulent onion bhaji with Vegetable Kori with dinky little metal dishes of lentils and chickpeas with pilau rice and a huge naan bread.’
    • ‘Many main courses on the menu come with pilau rice or naan breads, but do ask for an alternative if you prefer (I chose plain boiled rice instead).’
    • ‘Served with pilau rice and nan bread, his favourite dish rates as a medium-hot meal.’
    • ‘A lamb passanda with pilau rice packed more calories than a Burger King Double Whopper with cheese, we were told.’
    • ‘Liz ordered a portion of egg pilau rice and a garlic naan to go with it and they made a fine accompaniment.’
    • ‘After expressing their support for the president, they sit cross-legged under a specially erected marquee to feast on vats of pilau rice and chickpeas and mutton.’
    • ‘Witty conversation and revelry were the order of the night as delirious hacks worked their way through an enormous quantity of pilau rice and Kingfisher lager.’
    • ‘Trading standards say kormas should be brown, not brightly coloured and advise consumers to opt for boiled rather than pilau rice.’
    • ‘It will lie lifeless on my plate, ceremoniously on a bed of pilau rice, and I will eat it with no remorse whilst watching television.’
    • ‘No Razmataz meal would be complete without traditionally spiced pilau rice and steaming freshly baked naan bread to dip into the delicious sauces and to sop up every last morsel.’
    • ‘The Masala was the milder of the two dishes and served in a sidebowl with a mould of pilau rice on the plate.’
    • ‘The pilau rice had its own distinctive taste, which only added to my enjoyment.’
    • ‘We shared a pilau rice, and Antonia's Chicken Tikka and Brinjal Bhaji - aubergine - were the best she'd ever tasted.’
    • ‘It was perfect to dip naan bread in, and the pilau rice was wolfed down by Matt who seemed to enthuse about how special the chef's special was with every mouthful.’