Definition of piledriver in English:



  • 1A machine for driving piles into the ground.

    • ‘Katrin grabbed a cot from downstairs and set it up in the middle of the piledriver.’
    • ‘Most days of the week, the sound of piledrivers is at near-deafening levels outside St. Paul's Convent School in the Causeway Bay business district of Hong Kong.’
    • ‘On the far side of this broad stretch of water jackhammers and piledrivers rattle away on a swathe of residential development around the new Dockland Museum.’
    • ‘As for building on a bog, it didn't stop the piledrivers that laid the foundations for the new A650 road.’
    • ‘Piledrivers drive heavy beams, or pilings, into the earth as a support for a structure.’
    • ‘We sell barges and barge mounted piledrivers with hydraulic hammers.’
    1. 1.1British informal A forceful act, blow, or shot.
      ‘Varney's last-minute winning piledriver’
      • ‘Flynn audaciously attempted a piledriver on goal but his shot rebounded off the defender to Miller whose second shot was brilliantly saved by Cummins and cleared.’
      • ‘Wits nearly doubled the lead when a long ball from Roberts found Leonard Casner who immediately unleashed a piledriver which ripped the upright.’
      • ‘I struggle to my knees and Nettie leaps into the air and comes down hard with a piledriver to the back of my neck.’
      • ‘The Ballygunner response was magnificent and they delivered the crucial blow when Shane O'Sullivan gave goalkeeper John Casey no chance in the 39th minute of keeping out his piledriver.’
      • ‘The heels did a post-match beat down ending with a spike piledriver on Watts.’
      • ‘Jerry Lynn pinned Mr. Aguila in 7: 45 with a piledriver.’
      • ‘However, the match, which was going smoothly, soon turned into a scene of panic, when Owen accidentally broke Stone Cold's neck after miss-hitting a piledriver.’
      • ‘Lynn pinned Nosawa in 5: 31 with a cradle piledriver.’
      • ‘A minute later, a Flynn piledriver was magnificently stopped by Damien Quinn but this time Eoin McGrath made no mistake from the rebound as he smashed the ball to the net.’
      • ‘Have we ever heard Lawler talk about how painful a piledriver is?’
      • ‘Earley eased Kildare's worries when testing the stitching of the Carlow net with a piledriver to the net.’
      • ‘He was not so fortunate second time around as Windass let fly with a left-footed piledriver which flew into the far bottom corner of the net.’
      • ‘As if to emphasise that they pose at least some danger, Nunez fires in a piledriver from 30 yards out - but it goes well over.’
      • ‘First his piledriver of a free-kick was tipped over - then he powered a trademark header just past the post.’
      • ‘Working from left to right, they tee up Valeron who unleashes a piledriver from the right-hand side of the box.’
      • ‘Brilliant play from the Munich man finds Cole, who sends in a piledriver which is only just gathered by Hedman.’
      • ‘Moments later, Rui Costa unleashes a piledriver that wrongfoots Toldo, but fizzes wide of the far post.’
      • ‘It was basically like ballet except everybody went around smacking each other and giving each other piledrivers.’
      • ‘When his cross to the far post was turned away to the edge of the penalty area, Sheppard smashed a low piledriver into the far corner.’
      • ‘Four points now separated the sides and Waterford were lifted as Hickey made a great stop from Noonan's piledriver.’